Understanding How Disease Builds in the Human Body

I’m a firm believer in the importance of knowing the process of disease so that we understand why it’s important to maintain health. Health cannot be bought. We can’t receive it from anyone else. Health must be earned. We must learn how to take care of our bodies so that we can live a vibrant, complete life.


This is the root cause of all disease. When we work too hard we weaken all systems. When we do not allow adequate time to recover and recharge we drain our cell batteries. When our cells are sluggish the passage of vital nutrients, like oxygen, becomes more difficult. Although this stage is not recognized as a disease yet, it’s vital to understand it is the beginning of the disease state. Most people will just feel tired, exhausted and worn out at this stage. The best way to recover from enervation is to get enough sleep. Sleep is one of our greatest tools for healing!

Stage 2: TOXEMIA41shJPnFDiL._SL500_SS500_-150x150

Toxemia is a state where toxins saturate our body. This happens when we overwork our bodies, do not allow for adequate recharge, and continually eat unhealthy foods. We cannot ignore the symptoms of enervation. Proper care of our bodies will easily reverse the progression of toxemia allowing us to return to a completely healthy state and remain free of disease.


If we continue to ignore symptoms, live in a stressful way, and eat toxins in the form of processed food we will continue on to the third stage of disease: irritation. Irritation is when we feel itchy and uncomfortable but are not necessarily in pain. At this stage, we are prone to allergies, nasal irritation, mucous membrane irritation in the eyes, and skin eruptions like acne and eczema, which demonstrate that the liver is irritated. Irritation results when toxic substances are sensed by our nervous system and our body gives us signals to move away from this condition. If we ignore the clear signs of imbalance we will continue towards disease.

Stage 4: INFLAMMATIONinflammation_chart-150x150

This is the first stage where doctors recognize disease because pain is involved. Maybe you’ve experienced this before: you’ve completely lost your appetite. You don’t feel hungry at all even though you haven’t eaten all day. All you want to do is just sleep and rest. Sound familiar? Our body is putting all of it’s energy towards healing the inflamed area. Appendicitis (appendix), tonsillitis (tonsils), hepatitis (liver), and nephritis (kidney) are all inflammation that shows up in different areas of the body.


Our body makes ulcers as a way to drain toxic build-up. It will heal if causes are stopped. Cells and tissue structure are damaged due to our body’s inability to live with increasing toxins. We must take more serious action at this point to reverse the damage being done at this stage.

Stage 6: INDURATION11111-150x150

Induration is also known as tumor formation. It is the process where our tissues harden so that the ulcer and toxic materials can be kept inside the tumor and sealed off from the other tissue around it. This is a way of quarantining the toxins. Our body tries so hard to protect us even at this stage! However, if we continue with our destructive lifestyles and diet patterns, our body will eventually dissolve the hard tissue and the toxins will circulate to other parts of the body. This leads to cancer…

Stage 7: CANCER

Our cells have become parasitic at this stage. They were starved of oxygen so they had to revert to a primitive state. Healthy cells use oxygen in the aerobic process of cellular respiration. Cancer cells can’t use oxygen so they work in an anaerobic state. This state requires a lot of fuel, glucose, to keep the anaerobic respiration engine running. They disconnect from the body’s communication system and grow at will to sustain this process. Cancer is usually fatal. It can ONLY be reversed if we stop the causes and commit to healthy practices. Healthful practices are the universal panacea!

The Root Cause of all Disease:

There is a direct and significant link between what we eat, how we live, and how our health manifests through the course of our lives. WE REAP WHAT WE SOW. THIS IS THE LAW OF NATURE

Causes of Toxemiapills-thumb-300x300-19635-thumb-300x300-19636-150x150

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals:

  1. Disrupt normal metabolism
  2. Suppress cell development
  3. Disrupt the body’s energy circuits
  4. Enter into our food systems

Inorganic Fruits and Vegetables:

  1. Contain pesticide residues
  2. Have low levels of trace minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients
  3. Have high levels of sugars
  4. Carry bacteria, parasites, and viruses that affect weakened, nutritionally deficient plants

Meat, fish, dairy, and poultry can contain:

  1. Concentrated agricultural chemicals through the food chain
  2. Excess hormones and antibiotics
  3. Lack of fiber
  4. Parasites, bacteria, worms

Processing Foods:

  1. Causes loss of micronutrient content
  2. Destroys enzymes
  3. Causes loss of oxygen
  4. Adds chemical preservatives and colorings

Electromagnetic Frequencies can disrupt our health and come from:

  1. Wi-fi
  2. Cell phones/cell phone towers
  3. Electricity cables in walls
  4. Microwaves
  5. Computers / TV

The Alkaline – Acid Balance


The body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. The pH target of the blood is 7.365. The pH range is 7.35 to 7.45. If your pH drops to 7.2, acidosis results. At 7.0, death occurs. The body constantly strives for homeostasis – the balance at which the functions of the body can operate. Multiple stress factors lower pH of the blood leading to acidosis. (Click on the image to learn about acidic/alkaline foods.)

There are 3 types of stress factors that lower the pH of the blood:

  1. Mental and emotional
  2. Nutritional
  3. Environmental

The quality of the blood is vital to a healthy disease-free existence and is conditioned by these stress factors. Healthy blood pH is 7.365 and the body will do anything to maintain this level, just as it will to maintain the correct body temperature.

Any form of negative stress will acidify the body’s biological terrain and it will have to work much harder to bring the pH levels back to their preferred alkaline balance of 7.365, drawing energy from our bodies making us feel tired and sick. Hence, taking us back to stages 1 and 2 of disease.

Stress acidifies the biological terrain of the body. The body will look for alkalinity in tissues (minerals) and calcium in the bones. Acidity is dumped in body tissues. This is called latent tissue acidosis. The cells of your body are bathed in a poor and acidic “eco-habitat” similar to a fish tank.

What we call disease is nothing more and nothing less than the body’s way to ask us to wake up and change our lifestyle!

If all of our cells are bathed in an overly acidic environment, that is creating imbalances in our organs and tissues, what should we do in order to become healthy again?

The answer is somewhat like this: If a fish is sick, do you operate on the fish or do you change the water in its tank?



Thank you for reading!