Your “Constitution Type” is Part of Your Unique Healing Equation

Why your unique body type plays an essential role in healing breast cancer

Healing breast cancer is no one size fits all matter. Each one of us is unique and finding the right healing equation is vital to healing cancer and lasting health. Healing breast cancer naturally, employing the forces that your body already has is what is needed. Your body is the only thing that can cure breast cancer. The question is finding the right combination of factors that will cause your body to go into healing mode.

Understanding what causes cancer in the first place can help us start moving in the right direction and stimulate the healing process to reverse the cancer state. Over the years I’ve read a lot about how the human body functions in all its intricacies. While I am a Biology/Chemistry major and learned all about how alike we are in form and function, what I have learned since my college education is that we are more like snowflakes. While we have the same basic building materials those materials are put together in different ways making us each unique.

Yes we all have a liver, skin, and eyeballs but what have you seen with your eyeballs? What traumas have you experienced? What lessons did your parents teach you? What have you witnessed since your birth? What have you been feeding your body with? All of these intricate factors changes how energy flows through our bodies. This shift in energy flow makes us very unique. A room full of people can look at a painting and when interviewed about what they liked about it or what they saw, every answer will be unique.

This uniqueness must be honored. In today’s society we are all squeezed into a box. We are forced to be the same as everyone else. This is causing a myriad of health imbalances because we are NOT all alike. When we are freed from this “same as everyone else” prison we can allow our wings to expand and fly free.

Your Constitution Type, in combination with several more factors we will cover in other blogs, makes you unique.

You can dial in and better understand how to create healing in your body by learning about your constitution type. The Ayurvedic healing modality is becoming more common in the west. In India, it has been around for thousands of years. While there are many factors to Ayurveda that are accurate and it’s very useful on many account including individual characteristics, it’s still using 3 major groupings which can put be people in a box. I have found that Ayurveda is another key but not a single solution to healing. While the information on this topic is growing by leaps and bounds, we still need to take into account the other factors, you will discover as you read my blogs, to get a true picture of how one should design their lifestyle supporting their unique healing equation in a way that no single focused program can.

The Ayurvedic modality delineates our psychophysiologic constitutional tendencies as found in the dosha forces kapha, pitta, vata. Below you will get a sense of these doshic characteristics through what balances and unbalances each dosha type. As you read through you may feel similarities with your behaviors and experiences.

Ways to Balance Vata People

1. Live in a warm, moist, tranquil environment with a minimum of wind.

2. Keep warm.

3. Live moderately and in a balanced, regular way in harmony with Earth cycles.

4. Always be gentle to oneself.

5. Avoid all physical, emotional, and mental excesses.

6. Eat warm and moist foods that have some oil content and do not stimulate gas (avoid beans).

7. Avoid drinks and foods that have been chilled, frozen, or have ice cubes.

8. Eat foods that have sweet, salty, and sour tastes and are not light and dry (avoid dried or dehydrated food).

9. Get adequate sleep.

10. Meditate regularly to maintain a calm mind.

11. Try to make the environment as secure and safe as possible.

Ways to Unbalance Vata People

1. Avoid calm, soothing environments.

2. Be excessively physically and mentally active with travel, over scheduling, overworking, excessive fasting, or extended periods of any extreme.

3. Live chaotically without any regular schedule or rhythm connected with the natural Earth cycles, such as working a graveyard shift, eating irregularly, and being on the run.

4. Don’t get enough sleep, rest, or meditation.

5. Live in a windy, cold environment.

6. Use cocaine, speed, and other drugs.

7. Overly act out or suppress feelings.

8. Eat dry, frozen leftovers; cooling, light, bitter, astringent, and pungent foods.

9. Engage in worry, fear, and excess mental activity.

Ways to Balance Kapha People

1. Lead an active, creative, and stimulating physical, emotional, and mental life.

2. Have daily exercise and stimulating friends and work environment.

3. Minimize TV viewing.

4. Eat foods that are warm, dry, pungent, bitter, and astringent.

5. Minimize sweet, salty, oily, heavy, and sour foods.

6. Eat an 80% raw-food diet.

7. Eat the minimum to feel satisfied.

8. Minimize fluid intake to three or four cups per day.

9. Express your feelings in the moment.

10. Throw away the turtle shell you wear and try to interact with the world.

11. Maintain only those spiritual practices that keep you in contact with God’s divine nature and purpose for you.

Ways to Unbalance Kapha People

1. Become a couch potato by overeating fatty, oily, fried foods, getting no exercise, and napping after meals.

2. Eat at least one sweet, oily dessert and lots of ice cream and other dairy products each day while watching TV.

3. Overeat and concentrate on sweet, oily, salty, and cooling, frozen, chilled, and watery foods.

4. Eat an excess of wheat bread and pastries.

5. Avoid all exercise.

6. Suppress all creativity and do one’s best to become inert mentally and physically.

7. Create no waves in your life or job and do a lot of repetitive work.

8. Use tranquilizers to excess and hypnotics.

9. Avoid all emotional expression and all conflict.

10. Live in a wet, humid, cold climate.

11. Be a collector.

12. Become deeply involved in ritual and orthodoxy.

Ways to Balance Pitta People

1. Live in a cool and calming personal, social, and work environment.

2. Avoid excess heat, humidity, and steam in the environment, such as hot tubs and excess sun, as well as in all relationships and activities.

3. Meditate regularly and strive for peace with self, friends, and humanity.

4. Learn to express feelings and thoughts in constructive and supportive ways to those around you.

5. Focus on being in a state of universal, unconditional love.

6. Eat cooling, sweet, bitter, and astringent foods, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

7. Eat a bland, 80% raw-food diet.

Ways to Unbalance Pitta People

1. Live in a hot, dry climate, exercise in hottest time of the day, and wear tight clothing.

2. Avoid cool and peaceful places, relationships, and lifestyles.

3. Act out all aggressive, angry feelings and thoughts.

4. Be a bully.

5. Work in a high-stress, competitive job.

6. Keep life as frustrating, warlike, argumentative, and agitating as possible.

7. Associate with people who share and encourage these toxic behaviors.

8. Do not meditate.

9. Drink alcohol in excess and use marijuana, speed, and cocaine.

10. Eat large amounts of spicy, hot, oily, sour, acid-producing, and salty foods.

11. Indulge in large amounts of red meat, tomatoes, hot peppers, garlic, onions, sour foods, yogurt, and caffeine.

Your Constitution Type is an Important Key to Your Healing Equation

Sorting out the most appropriate diet so that you can heal from breast cancer can be complex and requires looking at all the factors. The most important point to remember is that we are unique individuals and, as such, we best serve ourselves by developing a diet pattern that is unique to our physiology. Understanding your constitution type and how to apply it to your lifestyle is a major key in healing breast cancer.

There is no one diet for everyone nor one nutrient that will work miracles for everyone. Conscious living means to remain conscious. It implies being your own scientist and entering into a process of trial and error as you finetune your diet. Rediscovering how to eat in a way that best enhances our health, well-being, and joy is a noble endeavor. When we change our diet so that it si optimal for us, it positively influences all our biological systems and every aspect of our health and well-being.

There are three essential questions to remember:

• Am I emotionally stable after eating?

• Do I have increased physical energy after eating?

• Am I craving any foods?

The answers to these questions cannot be obtained from any book. They must come from our own experience. This is a most important key to conscious living.

If you have any further questions and would like to receive your own analysis to dial in your unique needs faster, please send me an email at or click this link here to schedule an appointment.

To Your Health!