Your “Acid/Alkaline Type” is Part of Your Unique Healing Equation

Why your unique body type plays an essential role in healing breast cancer

Healing breast cancer is no one size fits all matter. Each one of us is unique and finding the right healing equation is vital to healing cancer and lasting health. Healing breast cancer naturally, employing the forces that your body already has is what is needed. Your body is the only thing that can cure breast cancer. The question is finding the right combination of factors that will cause your body to go into healing mode.

Understanding what causes cancer in the first place can help us start moving in the right direction and stimulate the healing process to reverse the cancer state. Over the years I’ve read a lot about how the human body functions in all its intricacies. While I am a Biology/Chemistry major and learned all about how alike we are in form and function, what I have learned since my college education is that we are more like snowflakes. While we have the same basic building materials those materials are put together in different ways making us each unique.

Yes we all have a liver, skin, and eyeballs but what have you seen with your eyeballs? What traumas have you experienced? What lessons did your parents teach you? What have you witnessed since your birth? What have you been feeding your body with? All of these intricate factors changes how energy flows through our bodies. This shift in energy flow makes us very unique. A room full of people can look at a painting and when interviewed about what they liked about it or what they saw, every answer will be unique.

This uniqueness must be honored. In today’s society we are all squeezed into a box. We are forced to be the same as everyone else. This is causing a myriad of health imbalances because we are NOT all alike. When we are freed from this “same as everyone else” prison we can allow our wings to expand and fly free.

Your Acid/Alkaline Type, in combination with several more factors we will cover in other blogs, makes you unique.

You can dial in and better understand how to create healing in your body by learning if you are an Acid or Alkaline type. While the acid and alkaline factor is very helpful, it still is only one part of the puzzle to your healing equation. I have found that Acid/Alkaline type to be another key but not a single solution to healing. While there is a lot of useful information on this topic with lots of scientific evidence, we still need to take into account the other factors, you will discover as you read my blogs, to get a true picture of how one should design their lifestyle supporting their unique healing equation in a way that no single focused program can.

The results of eating acid or alkaline forming foods are very body system dependant meaning that this is another important key that makes you unique. A proper acid-base balance of the system is intimately and critically related to good health. Knowing whether your body will react by becoming more acid or more alkaline depending on what you eat is very important.

What is fascinating about this is that the same food or supplement for people who are oxidative system dominant will have just the opposite effect in a person whose autonomic system is the dominant force (more on this in the ANS Type blog). For example, calcium in a sympathetic-dominant person will create more sympathetic dominance imbalance and acidity. In a person whose system is dominated by the oxidation homeostatic mechanism, calcium will cause a slower oxidation and move the system toward alkalinity (more on this in the Oxidative Type blog).

Potassium and magnesium will alkalinize a person whose autonomic nervous system is dominant and will acidify a person who is oxidative dominant. As you can see, this completely opposite effect has great significance for how one eats, takes supplements, etc. Again, it is vital to know your unique healing equation so that you can treat your body properly while you heal from breast cancer.

Fruits and vegetables in the oxidative dominant system will cause the blood to move to the acid side. In the ANS dominant person, fruits and vegetables will cause the blood to move in an alkaline direction. Protein foods acidify the blood in autonomic dominants and alkalinize the blood in oxidative dominant people.

The startling point here is, it is not the food or nutrient that determines the alkaline or acid effects in the body. It is the dominant system of that person which determines whether a nutrient will react in an acid or alkaline way in the body.

It is a good practice to test your urinary pH on a regular basis until you are familiar with how your body reacts to different foods, drinks, and supplements. Testing first urine of the day, drinking a liter of water and testing the second urine of the day will give you a baseline. Then testing the next urine after each meal will help you see how your body reacts. You can eat the same meal and take your supplements one time and not take them another to test whether your supplements are adversely affecting your acid/alkaline balance as well.

It is important to understand that one cannot tell which foods are acid or alkaline by the taste. There are several factors that determine whether a specific food renders the body more alkaline or acid. For example, a ripe organic lemon, which is a food that contains high concentrations of organic acids, tastes acidic, and is classified as an acidic fruit, is actually an alkaline-forming food. This is because its high concentration of alkaline minerals has an overall effect of increasing the alkaline reserve of the body, thereby making the body more alkaline. The lemon’s mild organic acids act as cleansing agents in the stomach and liver. In the process of digestion these acids are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water and therefore do not create an acid condition in the system.

Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and iron are the main alkalizing minerals. Foods that have high concentrations of these minerals are considered alkaline-forming foods in ANS dominant people. Foods that are high in sulphur, phosphorus, iodine, and chlorine are acid-forming foods for ANS dominant people. Most natural foods have both acid and alkaline forming minerals in them. If the acid forming minerals are greater in concentration, then the food is considered acid forming and vice versa.

Your Acid/Alkaline Type is an Important Key to Your Healing Equation

Sorting out the most appropriate diet so that you can heal from breast cancer can be complex and requires looking at all the factors. The most important point to remember is that we are unique individuals and, as such, we best serve ourselves by developing a diet pattern that is unique to our physiology. Understanding your acid/alkaline type and how to apply it to your lifestyle is a major key in healing breast cancer.

There is no one diet for everyone nor one nutrient that will work miracles for everyone. Conscious living means to remain conscious. It implies being your own scientist and entering into a process of trial and error as you finetune your diet. Rediscovering how to eat in a way that best enhances our health, well-being, and joy is a noble endeavor. When we change our diet so that it si optimal for us, it positively influences all our biological systems and every aspect of our health and well-being.

There are three essential questions to remember:

• Am I emotionally stable after eating?

• Do I have increased physical energy after eating?

• Am I craving any foods?

The answers to these questions cannot be obtained from any book. They must come from our own experience. This is a most important key to conscious living.

If you have any further questions and would like to receive your own analysis to dial in your unique needs faster, please send me an email at or click this link here to schedule an appointment.

To Your Health!