Chinese Yang Mei berry is also known as the Yumberry

Yumberry is a unique Chinese fruit crop that is mainly cultivated in the subtropical region of southeast China. It has been around a long time, around 6000 years ago, and was eaten as wild in the south of the Yangtze River. The fruit is actually called yang-mei. The way the Chinese pronounce it in their dialect is ‘yang-mee’, which sounds similar to yummy. So Charles Stenftenagel (a garden products importer from Indiana), coined the name yumm-berry in 2003 when he was visiting China.

Yumberries have the look of juicy raspberry and come in 100 different varieties ranging in color from purple and red to pink and white. Their flavor is a cross between a pomegranate and a cranberry, and their texture is something like an orange. Like pomegranate and raspberry, yumberry is rich in antioxidants, which give them their color.

Yum-berry is a healthy fruit high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals; including vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and carotene that have been used since ancient times in China for medicinal purposes. This appetizing super fruit aids in saliva secretion, will clear up hard digested food in your stomach, cure stomach aches, and ‘dispel summer heat’. It will also prevent sugars from being converted to fat in the body.

Free radicals cause oxidation in the cells which then promotes aging and disease. The yumberry is rich in polynutrients and oligomeric proanthocyanidins which fight the free radicals. These polynutrients give the fruit its bright red color. The yumberry contains OPC, or Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, a water-soluble pigment that changes with the acidity or alkalinity of the cells. This naturally occurring component helps in preventing the aging process. Humans cannot produce OPC by themselves, thus it is obtained from fruit and vegetables.

OPC also helps to reduce blood pressure by restricting enzyme activity and is known to protect the cardiovascular system. Free radicals harden the blood vessels and oxidation of LDL causes atherosclerosis or even cerebral infarction. OPC repairs damaged cells and nurture those that are in need of care.

Free radicals erode the connective tissue of joints causing inflammation. OPC neutralizes the effects of the free radicals, nurtures and prevents further damage. OPC is thus valuable in helping with arthritis and other inflammations. Diabetes mellitus is caused by free radical damage and erosion of the pancreas. As they destroy the normal secretions of the pancreas, insulin decreases and contributes to the forming of Diabetes mellitus. OPC helps to make the blood vessels within the pancreas strong and flexible ensuring that insulin secretion is increased and blood sugar is metabolized.

The eyes are sensitive organs and easily damaged by free radicals stirred up by radiation. The high-intensity ultraviolet rays from sunlight, and radiation damage caused by computer displays, cause damage to the retina and destroying visual crystals. OPCs prevent oxidation of the visual crystal protein and hinder cataract formation.

The fruit is only harvested for three weeks a year between June and July. Nevertheless, according to the New York Times, there are twice as many acres of yumberry trees in China as there are apple orchards in the United States. Further, because the trees have a high tolerance to pests and diseases, they are usually grown without pesticides or chemicals.

Some possible benefits of our Raw Yumberry Juice Powder may include:

● Combating E.Coli
● Cleansing the stomach & intestines
● Protecting the cardiovascular system
● Reducing your blood pressure & protect your heart health
● Lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol
● Protecting your eyesight & reduce your risk of cataracts
● Lowering high blood pressure thus protects the heart
● Combating free radicals 20 times better than vitamin C & 50 times better than vitamin E
● Stimulating saliva secretion & clearing difficult to digest food in the stomach
● Preventing sugars in the body from converting into fats
● Strengthening cell membranes
● Fight inflammation & associated diseases such as arthritis
● Reducing gastrointestinal problems including diarrhea, constipation, & stomach aches

Suggested Use: Mix 1 – 2 teaspoons with juice, yogurt or add to your favorite smoothie. Use to add flavor and nutrition to any recipe.

Botanical Name: Myrica rubra

Other Names: Yang Mei, waxberries, yum-berry, Chinese bayberry, yumberries, Japanese bayberry red bayberry, yamamomo, polar plum, Strawberry tree, yangmei

Origin: China

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