What Causes Cancer? 11 Cancer-Causing Foods To Avoid Right Away

What you need to start healing breast cancer naturally
right now

To support you in healing breast cancer, we would like to clarify those foods that support the lifestyle changes you are looking to make and those that do not. You can begin your own home cancer treatment starting with these cancer-causing foods to avoid.


Sugar and cancer are a dangerous combination. When healing breast cancer it is vital that all processed sugar be eliminated. Sugar is cancers primary food and we must cut off its food supply in order to reverse breast cancer. In the Three Whites To Avoid blog, there is more detail on sugar as a toxic and dangerous substance that supports cancer growth. It is even toxic and dangerous if you don’t have cancer. Sugar supports disease in the 7th stage. This means all sugars (white rice, brown rice, bread, high glycemic fruits, etc.). Don’t eat honey for now either. If you crave sugar it is a sure sign that you not only have an emotional addiction, but also a physical one since Candida (yeast) releases chemicals that cause you to crave sugar. We can help you break the addiction to sugar if you choose to do so. If you do choose to kick the habit, it is very important that you adhere to the no sugar policy in order to allow your body to heal and repair.  You will find that your sugar cravings wane the longer you avoid them. There are many alternatives to please your tastes buds while your body detoxes from the need of processed and high glycemic sugars.


Dairy is a tricky food that used to be a supportive food when food was more scarce several hundred years ago. It turns into sugar in the body which feeds cancer. Commercial yogurt, milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter are made from animal byproducts and all produce mucus or allergic reactions in many people. These types of dairy products also leach calcium from the body due to their high acidity from processing.  Non-dairy creamers are pure chemicals and therefore toxic-forming substances to your body. Food like substances are not natural and therefore are very difficult for the human body to first figure out what it is so it can know what to do with it. Choose nut milks, coconut/nut butters, and nut-based cheeses, as healthy alternatives.  You can also make banana “nice” cream by blending a few frozen bananas in a Vitamix or other high-speed blender.  Include lots of yummy add-ons like frozen berries, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, or anything that sounds great to you.


All flour creates toxins and unbalances your internal environment (Read more about it here). When you mix flour and water, you get a paste or glue. It will dry to a permanent hard surface like cement and is strong enough to hold a picture on a wall. Pasta, bread, cakes, cookies, gravy, and most processed foods are made with flour and should not be consumed. This glue can gum up your digestive system the same way a drain gets clogged.  To clear our bodies of serious diseases like cancer, we need to be able to eliminate waste easily.  We should help our bodies do this by avoiding foods that create this glue. Additionally, our modern grains have been hybridized to create heartier crops and higher yields. Unfortunately, the change in the plant has unwanted implications. We now have a dangerous food that leads to health problems. Not only is flour (processed grains) like glue but a protein in that flour can cause a higher sugar spike than processed white sugar. There are many other safe healthy flours available to us now and they actually taste great and are easy to bake with. Try almond and coconut flour as a great place to start replacing unhealthy grain flours.

Processed Foods

If it comes in a box or a bag and has a long list of ingredients, it never was or no longer is real food. It is full of preservatives, fillers, and words you can not pronounce, it is toxic to the body. This also applies to pasteurization. The best way to avoid processed, nutritionally dead and toxic food is by confining your food shopping to the produce section of any store. Stay along the outer edges of the grocery store to find the least processed or unprocessed foods. Purchase fresh, organic, vegetables and fruit. Eat them whole, prepare them in raw recipes, or even lightly steam them if you are not ready for a raw diet. Uncooked ensures you will get all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that your body needs. Your food can be very simple. When you are hungry, just eat a piece of celery, a cucumber, or an avocado. Eating healthy is easier than you think. Just think simple.


All nuts that are roasted are rancid and toxic to the body. Heat destroys the fats and makes them carcinogenic to the body. Purchase raw nuts and nut butters. Soaked, raw nuts make a healthy delicious ingredient for many dishes or just a simple snack. You can also make your own nut butters by simply blending raw, dry nuts, seeds or coconut flakes, in your food processor for 15-20 minutes depending on the power of your food processor.  Pay attention to the consistency and turn off your machine as soon as its consistency is creamy.

 Processed Soy Products

Think processed. Processed foods are difficult for the body to recognize, break down into useful products, and assimilate. When there is a chemical soup of unrecognized food like stuff entering our body it becomes very overwhelming and stressful on the body to deal with all this stuff. Studies are showing that products like tofu (highly processed soy) have negative effects on the thyroid and increase the body’s requirement for vitamin D (read Anti-Cancer Supplements report to learn more about how important Vitamin D is for healing). Additionally, they contain estrogen-like chemicals that can stimulate breast cancer growth. There are chemicals in soy that are helpful to heal breast cancer. A better choice is fermented soy products, like miso, and unprocessed soy, like edamame. These forms of soy have healing benefits. They are closer to their natural form and are versatile items that can be used to make soups, sauces, and garnishes.

You Can Heal Breast Cancer

 Flesh Foods

Beef, poultry, fish, shellfish, pork and any other flesh from animals rots and putrefies in the colon because it takes many days for the intestines to move it through the many curves and villi. This action causes gas, bloating, and constipation, giving off toxins like uric acid, ammonia, and many unfriendly pathogen attracting chemicals. When animals are killed, they feel fear, terror, and anger. The flesh and organs of the animal stores these emotions (short-chain proteins). When you eat a dead animal flesh and organs, you are ingesting and assimilating those emotions in chemical and vibrational form.

Commercially raised meat is full of antibiotics and hormones. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your intestines. This creates an imbalance that promotes the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. Parasites come out to eat the rotting meat, which saps your energy. Chicken and fish are meat. Don’t try to trick yourself by thinking they are good for you. Raw fish, such as sushi, is full of parasites. Mercury is just one of the many toxins found in fish. Farm-raised fish is extremely toxic because of the unnatural waters in which they are bred. Did you know that no plant life will grow in fish farm ponds? Did you know farm-raised fish are treated like any other animals and given antibiotics and growth hormones?


Caffeine is a drug and when ingested orally causes the acid/alkaline system of the body to go out of balance. When ingested on a daily basis it builds uric acid, and is known as a “bone seeker”, meaning it inhibits calcium absorption in the body. Decaffeinated is no better. The caffeine in coffee can have healing properties in small quantities and solely in therapeutic treatments such as coffee enemas. The caffeine activates the liver process allowing the body to release the toxins stored within when used as an enema. Orally, coffee can stimulate clearer thinking, reduce appetite, and stimulate the intestines to move but remember to only have small quantities like 1 cup of brewed coffee per day.


All carbonated beverages are toxic to your internal systems. Diet sodas are the worst, with artificial sweeteners and colors that cause all types of health problems. Thirty and fifty-year studies are now being released on many of the things we once thought weren’t “that bad” and we are now actually seeing the detrimental long-term effects of things like soda and diet drinks (read more about it here).

Carbonation in soda and sparkling water play havoc with your systems. The best drink for your health is pure, filtered water.  Herbal teas and adding citrus juice, such as lemon or grapefruit, are a great alternative until your taste buds are clear enough to enjoy pure water.


Alcoholic drinks turn to sugar in your body and are severely detrimental to the system. Alcohol dehydrates your body at the cellular level, meaning water can not get into the cells to transport nutrients in and waste out. Stagnation occurs which leads to oxygen deprivation and eventually cell death. This is a process that stimulates the body to make anaerobic cells which is part of the cancer creation process. It is vital to avoid alcohol when healing breast cancer as well as preventing cancer from even forming, to begin with.

When you want to celebrate, try “Rejuvalac champagne” by adding a tablespoon of fresh organic apple juice and one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to a glass of Rejuvalac.  You can find a recipe for Rejuvalac here or buy it off Amazon!


Tobacco is toxic pollution to your entire body system. Smoke damages the liver. The thousands of chemicals in cigarettes accumulate in your lungs blocking proper air flow as well as causing mucus build up. There are hundreds of reasons to not smoke. If you are a smoker it is important now to find a system that helps you quit smoking right away.

Let us help you get

Please don’t feel discouraged.  After reading this article you may feel like there is nothing left for you to eat or drink. Remember, creation always begins with destruction.  We must begin to destroy our unhealthy tendencies in order to build optimal health.  The longer you can avoid these foods and toxic habits, the better you will feel and a healthy lifestyle tailored to YOU will emerge.

The entire Breast Cancer Answer team and I are here to support you.  Please email me at syncrawnicity@gmail.com if you have any questions about health or what you have read here.